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Contax T

Kyocera introduced a series of highly successful T-series compact 35mm film cameras, offering Zeiss-designed lenses which appealed to photographers desiring high quality optics in a compact form.

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Olympus Pen F Half-Frame

The Pen F is a half-frame single lens reflex camera introduced in 1963 by Olympus. It is designed by the highly respected and quite famous engineer Maitani Yoshihisa. The original model is easily recognized by its big golden gothic letter F engraved to the right on the front plate, where later models sport a selftimer lever.

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Rollei 35 Tessar and Sonnar

The Rollei 35 S with the Zeiss Sonnar lens series were made between 1974 until 1980. It has the newly designed 2,8/40mm Sonnar lens (5 elements) in comparison to Tessar lens Rollei 35 T. Camera weight 325 grams Size 97x32x60mm.

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