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Studying the movements of the upper body

"I want to study the movements of the upper body," Rolf Baum about his sculptures and statues.

The artist Rolf Baum has been working in his house, which is surrounded by meadows and trees between Stegen and Kirchzarten, for 42 years as a industrial designer. Together with four employees, he developed ideas for the design of furniture, tools and everyday objects. For 14 years now he spends his retirement with creating sculptures.

"The ideas developed in my mind first, as they are finished before I have brought them on paper." Layer by layer, he treat the wood with shellac applying it with a polishing cloth. "Nowadays you don´t find this technique not often anymore, because it is so time consuming and expensive," says Mr. Baum. For him, the gloss and the color will appear is incomparable.

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