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Fuji X-E2, a vintage lens and Iridient Developer

Fuji X-E2 + Minolta 50mm f/8, processed with Iridient and Silver FX

I was writing about the excellent vintage Minolta 50mm f/1.4 MC Rokkor-PG lens already. This time I had the chance to compare the RAW files with the JPG files. 

The SOOC JPG´s were already good, but I was blown away when I was viewing the RAW files, processed via Iridient Developer and converted with Silver FX in black&white. The amount of details are just stunning and images sharp. But most important point for me is the "look" that this lens is creating. It just has the spirit, so does the Minolta 50mm Macro lens. If you like vintage lenses, give this one a try. You get it sometimes for under 100 US$.

100% crop
  • Low light with 60mm Macro and X-E2

    It´s been written by many other users of the prime lens 60mm Macro: it´s not the fastest. It´s annoying how the AF is hunting even in bright light when using the macro mode. But the IQ is great, when you finally got the shot.

    Studying the movements of the upper body

    "I want to study the movements of the upper body," Rolf Baum about his sculptures and statues.

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