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Takayama bamboo whisks

Around the middle of the Muromachi era, Sousetsu, the second son of Raiei, owner of the Takayama castle, asked his close friend Murata Juko, superior of temple Shomeidera, to produce a bamboo whisk. This is said to be the start of the Takayama whisks' production.

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Kanbayashi Teashop

Mitsuboshien-Kanbayashisannyu-Honten is a long-established store first started in the Tensho Era. Along with the long history and tradition that it inherited, the store is known as the master of tea ceremony for the Shogunate. Kanbayashi does not aim to just sell genuine Uji Tea but also to impart the knowledge of taste and history of tea. They also provide tea-ceremony experience to customers.

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