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Shudei teapot

Fujifilm X-E2, XF-60mm Macro and one Canon Flash in manual mode. Velvia film simulation.

I received this shudei (red clay) teapot from Fugetsu as a present a couple of days ago. The sujibiki technique accents the horizontal lines, making the teapot appear fresh off the potter's wheel. This piece of art is impressive because of its simplicity. It seems not to attract any attention to the viewer. But if you hold it, it feels light and the surface velvety.

Sanban Teapot

I found a piece of wood on my way back home from work. My idea was to capture one of my very first teapot from Yoshiki Murata's Collection. It s called Mogake Sanban. I sinked the piece of wood into a course of a stream. Using Velvia filmsimulation and set my Fuji X-E2 to long exposure (15 sec).

Rihi Mogake Teapot by Fugetsu

Calf deep in the water with my tripod and the Fuji X-E2 to take this long exposure of one of my favorites works from Fugetsu. It started to rain which added these drops on the teapot. Exposure set to 40 seconds and using Velvia filmsimulation.

Mogake Teapot by Yoshiki

I started taking pictures of handcrafted japanese teapots from various masters in 2009. Beside the studio shots I am using the forest for my main location. Before I ve been using Canon´s 100mm Makro lens, which is one of the best for this type of photographs in my opinion. Since switching to Fuji X- Series, I am shooting with the 60mm Macro. But this time I tried the 18-55mm lens with the X-E2.

I used a +10 stop B+W filter for long exposure. This shot comes straight out of the camera! Using Velvia with negativ 1 color saturation. I did no post-production on this image, just adding vignetting to darken the corners.