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Ito Gofu

Yohen mogake teapot by Gafu

As a student of Tokoname´s Master Fugetsu, Ito Gofu most definitely will become one of the finest next generation craftsman.

His works are already outstanding. The picture of his teapot, which I bought directly from Gofu, took a while. Waiting for the perfect light a couple of hours on a misty day in the Black Forest, I finally got what I had in my mind. Bright red colors of the indian summer with soft lights. The bork which I found was just perfect as a surface.


    Seihou Tsuzuki

    Seihou delivers a light stone-colored kyusu adorned with dainty cherry blossoms accented in gold and creamy-white butterflies on the body. Charmingly feminine with a beautifully rounded shape.

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