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Fuji WCL-X100 and Ricoh GR

I received many emails about comparing my Ricoh GR with my Fuji X100 + WCL-X100 wide-angle converter mounted. The converter turns the 35mm Fuji lens equivalent to approximately 28mm, like Ricoh´s fixed lens. I was curious myself so I had the converter for 30 minutes and went out to take some snaps.

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Hong Kong 2014

I am travelling to Hong Kong once a year. This time I only took the Ricoh GR and a Fuji X-100s with me. "Getting close" is what I really like in a crowded city like Hong Kong. By the way, I can barely distinguish images taken with the Ricoh and the one captured with the Fuji. More and more I think, all these discussions on the internet about gear is useless in real life. Free yourself, enjoy shooting and don´t hunt for more lenses and bodies. Make good use of what you already have.

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Wide conversion lens 21mm GW-3 for RICOH GR

I got the Wide Conversion Lens GW-3 a few weeks ago from Ricoh Japan. The adapter gives the GR-V a 21mm field of view. When mounted, the lens with adapter add another 211g weight to your GR-V camera. The balance is still acceptable but you will feel the total 451g and need to get used to the extra weight.

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