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Wide conversion lens 21mm GW-3 for RICOH GR

I got the Wide Conversion Lens GW-3 a few weeks ago from Ricoh Japan. The adapter gives the GR-V a 21mm field of view. When mounted, the lens with adapter add another 211g weight to your GR-V camera. The balance is still acceptable but you will feel the total 451g and need to get used to the extra weight.

The quality of the glass is good. It has a curved surface and comes with a soft rubbery hood. The IQ is very good but expect some distortion. Many users asked me about comparing the GW-3 to the stellar Fujinon XF 14mm. Simply you just can´t. If you ask for IQ, the Fuji lens is outstanding.

With the converter in your bag, you can cover 21mm and without 28mm. Using the crop mode for 35mm and even 41mm. This makes the Ricoh extremly versatile and perfect when you want to travel light. The 16 Megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor will give you outstanding IQ, even in low light situations and high ISO.

Here are some quick shots on a bright late summer day, which gave the EVF a hard time.

100% crop

And some more on a cloudy day.

Low light situation.

How does the converter looks.

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