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Japanese Pottery Craft with Leica Q

In September I traveled to Japan to continue my ongoing project about handcrafted japanese teapots in Tokoname, Aichi. I started this documentary back in 2009.

This time Leica Germany kindly loan me the new Leica Q (thanks to Mr. Wolf!). It been a pleasure to use this great camera. Silent, very fast and precise AF, wonderful and natural color rendering, typical 3D look. If the Q would have a "real" (not cropped) 35mm or 50mm, I probably would consider to buy this piece of art.

Many thanks also to Takeyoshi Kojima - without his help this project would not be possible.

Hokujo kiln

Mr.Shimizu Genji (Hokujo) is one of the finest pottery maker and been certified as a "Master of Traditional Craftsman" in 1994.

Yokei Mizuno

Yokei Mizuno is a member of "Tokoname Handmade Teapot Association". He studied the art under his father Keikan Mizuno. Yokei works since 1978 as a craftsman.

Seiji Ito 

Mr. Seiji Ito is a certified “Master of Traditional Craftsman”. He started producing ceramics in 1970 under his artist name Jinshu.

Seihou Tsuzuki 

Seihou is a member of Japan Crafts Assoc.(Nihon Kogeikai) and lives in Tokoname, Japan.

Hakusan Katayama 

Hakusan studied pottery craft under his father Tadayoshi Katayama. He is a member of "Japan Crafts Association" (Nihon Kogeikai) and of "Tokoname Handmade Teapot Association".

Fugetsu Murakoshi 

Fugetsu Murakoshi studied pottery craft under the famous Mr.Jozan Yamada III., who is a human national treasure in Japan. Since 1997 Fugetsu is a member of "Japan Crafts Association" (Nihon Kogeikai).

Jin Tanikawa 

Jin Tanikawa studied his art under Seisen Mizuno and is a member of "Japan Contemporary Arts & Crafts Association".

Yoshiki Murata 

Mr. Yoshiki Murata has been a student of Master Toji Ito. In particular Yoshiki is well-known in using the technique called Yohen (changed kiln).

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