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Leica Summilux 35 Pre ASPH

The Summilux 35 Pre Asph is the smallest 1.4/35mm lens for Leica M. It is light and makes it perfect for traveling. Especially for Leica M Film cameras, the 1.4 is welcome in low light conditions.

Check these reviews for more information about the Summilux 35 Pre Asph:

Steve Huff

Ken Rockwell


All pictures taken with Leica M7 and Summilux 35 Pre Asph V2 (1977). Black and White film developed in Xtol. Scanned by meinfilmlab on Fuji Frontier.

Summilux 35 Pre Asph V2 (1973)
HP5 @ f2.0
HP5 @ f 5.6

The Summilux 35 (Mandler) gives you a nice classic rendering. I used the Summaron 2.8/35 for a few years and loved the black and white images. But i have to admit that the Summilux is "better" because it renders very similar and you get 2 stops more.

HP5 @ f 5.6
HP5 @ f 5.6

Compared to the Summicron 2/35 III, the Summilux has "more character" to my eyes. Colors are a little less saturated and black and white more tonal range, depending on the film you use. Of course, this is my personal taste. Cant go wrong with either Summicron or Summaron!

HP5 @ f 5.6
HP5 @ f 2.8

Nice glow white open. Depending on the light, sometimes you don't even get the glow though.

HP5 @ f 1.4
HP5 @ f 1.4

Thanks for stopping by and happy shooting!

HP5 @ f 1.4
Kodak Gold @ f 4
Kodak Gold @ f 1.4
Kodak Gold @ f 1.4
Kodak Gold @ f 2
Kodak Gold @ f 4
Kodak Gold @ f 5,6
Kodak Gold @ f 5.6
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