Green Mogake by Hakusan

This wonderful green burned seaweed teapot by Tokoname´s pottery master Hakusan. Read more

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Fuji X-E2 and Minolta MC-Rokkor -PF 55m f/1.7

The following Minolta MC Rokkor 55mm f/1. 7 of 1969 ("mountain and valley" or MC - II) has a noticeably better open-aperture performance than the previous version (1966). It has 6 elements/5 groups. Manual focusing is silky smooth. The rather soft image… Read more

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Takayama bamboo whisks

Nakata Kizo´s craftsmanship Read more

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Get Fujinon XF60mm to 1:1 magnification ratio

The Fujinon XF60mm macro lens has a magnification factor of 1:2. There are various other options like the pricey Zeiss 50mm macro, which is a true 1:1 autofocus lens or vintage manual lenses like Minolta 50mm or 100mm using a converter. I just posted… Read more

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