Fuji X-E2 and Minolta MC-Rokkor -PF 55m f/1.7

The following Minolta MC Rokkor 55mm f/1. 7 of 1969 ("mountain and valley" or MC - II) has a noticeably better open-aperture performance than the previous version (1966). It has 6 elements/5 groups. Manual focusing is silky smooth. The rather soft image… Read more

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Takayama bamboo whisks

Nakata Kizo´s craftsmanship Read more

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Get Fujinon XF60mm to 1:1 magnification ratio

The Fujinon XF60mm macro lens has a magnification factor of 1:2. There are various other options like the pricey Zeiss 50mm macro, which is a true 1:1 autofocus lens or vintage manual lenses like Minolta 50mm or 100mm using a converter. I just posted… Read more

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Kanbayashi  (4 new items)

Mitsuboshien-Kanbayashisannyu-Honten is a long-established store first started in the Tensho Era. Along with the long history and tradition that it inherited, the store is known as the master of tea ceremony for the Shogunate.

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Tsuen Chaya

Tsuen tea shop in Uji is located in the same place since 1160. In the eight centuries, Tsuen family prepared tea for thousands of travelers, noble samurai and shogun. The 24th Generation ensures continuity in the modern, technical era. "Our house tea provides a moment of pleasure people for hundreds of years. So before anything else, the first thing we think about is how we can help customers enjoy a cup of green tea." (Ryotaro, 23rd Generation)

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