Monochrom with Leica M6, M8 and M9

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Pedal boats

These pedal boats are for rent to enjoy the Titisee lake at the Blackforest.

Fool for Love

Seen at the Blackforest, Titisee.

Riding School

Leica Production 1

Stage one "Grinding" when visiting the production facility at Leitz Park Wetzlar.


Leica has created two unique M-series rangefinders based on designs by elementary school kids. One is a Leica M (type 240) covered with a rainbow pattern, and the other is a Leica M-E with a dragon and swordsman drawn onto the front of the camera. Those paper cameras were displayed at Leica’s Leitz Wetzlar Park location. These one-of-a-kind cameras will soon go up for auction, and 100% of the proceeds will go towards a charity called Kinderlachen (“children’s laughter”).

Leitz Park Wetzlar

Leica headquarter in Wetzlar.

Cafe Leitz

Drinking tea at Cafe Leitz while waiting for my M8.2.

Leitz Park Wetzlar

Leica headquarter in Wetzlar.

Cafe Leitz

Cafe Leitz at Leica´s headquarter in Wetzlar.


Marian pilgrimage Giersberg

The pilgrimage is embossed on the mountain "Giersberg" in Kirchzarten. According to the legend, a shepherd boy of the Swiss Melcher heard voices (A.D. 1700). Together with other believers , he went to the singing , and found Maria in the opening of a Föhrenstammes a statuette of God.



Commerzbank tower in Frankfurt.


As a family manufactory, the store is not only known for it´s handmade chocolates , but seduce you with wedding cakes, birthday cakes, pies and many other goodies from their bakery. Located town Frankfurt, Kaiserstraße 17.


f the best Sushi places in downtown Frankfurt.

Bar entrance

Night Club in downtown Frankfurt.

Frankfurter Hof

Established in 1876, the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof is located in the heart of the city in middle of the historic, financial district, near the cathedral where the emperor's coronation once took place.

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Hello Leica M8

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Yoshiki Murata  (3 new items)

Mr. Yoshiki Murata has been a student of Master Toji Ito.

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Yokei Mizuno  (1 new item)

Yokei Mizuno is a member of Tokoname Handmade Teapot Association.

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