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Green Sujibiki Yohen by Hakusan

I received this wonderful teapot by Hakusan Katayama III. last month. The purpose of Hakusan´s donation been my works for the new "Handcrafted Japanese Teapots" - Calender 2014. He uses the "horizontal lines" technique and "changed kiln". Thanks to Takeyoshi Kojima for making this possible.

Hakusan studied pottery art under his father, Tadayoshi Katayama. He is a member of Japan Sencha Crafts Association and Tokoname Hand-made Teapot Assocociation. Hakusan is mostly using the mogake style and by changing the temperature, his teapots have wonderful, warm tones and muted green colors.

  • Seihou Tsuzuki

    Seihou delivers a light stone-colored kyusu adorned with dainty cherry blossoms accented in gold and creamy-white butterflies on the body. Charmingly feminine with a beautifully rounded shape.

    Mogake Teapot by Yoshiki

    I started taking pictures of handcrafted japanese teapots from various masters in 2009...

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