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Hello Leica M8

I was shooting with Fuji X-Pro 1, X-E2 and the X-100, when I had the chance to rent a Leica M8 with a Voigtländer 35mm and a 50mm Summicron. For years I was looking for a Rangefinder but ended up to go with the Fuji X-Series (which are not Rangefinders).

Leica M8.2 + 28mm Elmarit

The built quality of the body and Leica lenses are unique, the simplicity and "nothing stands in the way between you and the subject". X-100 and X-Pro 1´s Optical VF been good, but Leica and the manual focusing is another experience. I found myself more emotional connected with the scene and subject, therefore shooting different. This is difficult to explain and it´s worth to experience yourself.

Leica M8.2 + 50mm Summicron

The Image quality is stunning. First I thought, 10 MB and a 9 year old CCD sensor without an AA filter can´t be that good. In digital that is a really ancient sensor…

Leica M8.2 + 50mm Summicron

BUT when I opened the DNG RAW files I could´t believe the capacity of them. Sharpness, contrast, colors and 3D look beat my Fuji X-E2 and X-100. Especially in terms of black and white!

Fuji files are flat and details (landscape) sometimes blurred compared to this CCD sensor. You can´t compare the colors though. Fuji has the vibrant Velvia or natural Provia, which I like a lot. Leica M8 looks more like Kodak film.

Black and white pictures are just great and only Leica´s M Monochrome can beat the M8. This is mentioned by many Leica users. Some keep a M8 only for b&w beside a M9 or M (240).

Leica M8.2 + 28mm Elmarit

The CCD sensor is giving you natural and warm colors. Depending on the lens mounted, they can have more contrast or less. White Balance is working fine, depending on your exposure, which is kind of strange. But easy to fix in Lightroom.

Leica M8.2 + 28mm Elmarit
Leica M8.2 + 28mm Elmarit
Leica M8.2 + 50mm Summicron

I ended up selling my Fuji gear to buy a second hand M8.2 and used Leica lenses: the Elmarit 28mm 2/8 and Summicron 50mm f/2. I feel that I finally arrived as far as my gear. I keep my Ricoh GR in my pocket and the Sigma Merril 50mm for Still-Life pictures.

Happy shooting...

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