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Fuji X-E2 and Minolta 50mm Macro

The Minolta 50mm f/3,5 Macro lens is an old standard focal length macro. On APS-C it´s a short tele about 75mm.

Build quality of this lens is fine and feels good. Manual focus is easy with Fuji´s focus peaking. This macro only focuses to 1:2, so it requires extension or teleconverter to get to 1:1 or greater. When using 1:1, however, focusing is a little difficult. You need a tripod also. The lens has 55mm filter threads. Minimum focus distance is 0.23m (9 in). Bokeh is nice and creamy, typical for Minolta lenses. The lens produces saturated colors and tones, especially when using fuji´s filmsimulations

  • Sharp Center at f/3.5
  • Sharp across the field at f/4 and up.
  • Well corrected for aberrations. 

If you looking for an inexpensive Macro lens and don´t mind to focus manual, you should give this one a try or even go for the Minolta 100mm f/4 Macro MD with the 1:1 extension tube. How different does the Minolta performs compared to Fuji´s XF-60mm Macro lens? There are just two different lenses and you need to try to find out, which one you prefer in regards of handling and colors they produce.

Magnification 1:2
100% crop
Fujifilm X-E2 with Quenox MD-FX and Minolta lens
Magnification 1:1. Full frame of the image
Magnification 1:1
Magnification 1:1
Magnification 1:1
1:1 converter for MD Macro 1:3.5
  • Low light with 60mm Macro and X-E2

    It´s been written by many other users of the prime lens 60mm Macro: it´s not the fastest. It´s annoying how the AF is hunting even in bright light when using the macro mode. But the IQ is great, when you finally got the shot.

    Pottery market in Freiburg

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