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Fuji X-E2 with 18-55mm lens on St.Laurentins

Black&white Yellow Filmsimulation.

I didnt use the kit zoom lens so far. because I am more into prime lenses and using my feet for zooming in and out. But I can say, that this 18-55 mm (27mm wide angle to 84mm telephoto) is a very good lens. It is light and balance perfect on the X-E2. Autofocus is accurate, fast and quiet. IQ is outstanding for a zoom lens. Read more about it.

Marian Pilgrimage Chapel is located on the Giersberg in Kirchzarten. For more than 250 years, people have found in the simple chapel hours of contemplation and consolation in prayer. The Marian Shrine owes its existence to his devotion of the people to the Baroque period.

The Streetshooters - Fuji X-E2 + 27mm and Ricoh GR

The best camera for the Streets ? Of course, there is no such thing. Any camera is as good as the person behind it. But if you ask, what I prefer...no pixelpeeping, in real life...I like it invisible, undercover, no recognition at all, light to make you agile...a ninja camera...

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Fujifilm launches X-100s all-black

Fujifilm launches new all-black version of the FUJIFILM X100S January 6, 2014 FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) is proud to announce the release of an all-black version of the popular FUJIFILM X100S in response to strong demand from customers.

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Green Sujibiki Yohen by Hakusan

I received this wonderful teapot by Hakusan Katayama III. last month. The purpose of Hakusan´s donation been my works for the new "Handcrafted Japanese Teapots" - Calender 2014. He uses the "horizontal lines" technique and "changed kiln". Thanks to Takeyoshi Kojima for making this possible.

Hakusan studied pottery art under his father, Tadayoshi Katayama. He is a member of Japan Sencha Crafts Association and Tokoname Hand-made Teapot Assocociation. Hakusan is mostly using the mogake style and by changing the temperature, his teapots have wonderful, warm tones and muted green colors.