Fuji X-E2 and Minolta 35mm f2.8

In between 1973-1976, Minolta revised the old optical design of the MC 2.8 / 35mm. Although reduced from 7 to 5 lenses, Minolta increased image quality. The MINOLTA 35mm 1:2.8 (5 lenses / 5 groups) is richer in contrast than other Minolta lenses I used and sharp from f/4 on the Fuji X - E2 when selecting b&white Filmsimulations like "red filter".

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Conimicut Point Beach

A saltwater beach with a park in Warwick, Rhode Island (USA). It is a point so that you are surrounded on three side by Narragansett Bay and it is a wonderful view. A great view of the Conimicut Lighthouse from here as well. Lots and lots of shells...wear beach shoes.

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Log cabin

The cabin is located in one of Freiburg´s forest, the district of Waldsee, surrounded by trees. Listening to the water fountain and breathing pure oxygen. Silence.

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Fuji X-E2 and Minolta MC-Rokkor -PF 55m f/1.7

The following Minolta MC Rokkor 55mm f/1.7 of 1969 ("mountain and valley" or MC - II) has a noticeably better open-aperture performance than the previous version (1966). It has 6 elements/5 groups. Manual focusing is silky smooth. The rather soft image appearance as well as its low price is a "secret" as a portrait lens on Fuji´s APS-C System cameras.

Although the lens is soft in the corners and showing loss of details when shot wide open, you can´t go wrong with a € 45,. lens. When stopping down 1-2 stops, this lens is impressive sharp. And Yes, it´s not Fuji´s 56mm 1.2 lens...

The X-E2 renders nice jpg´s, especially black and white. You need to add contrast in post though. Focus peaking makes manual focusing convenient.

All images shot with Fujifilm X-E2 and using OOC JPG´s. I only added contrast but did not sharpen in LR 4.4. or anything else.

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