Fuji X-E2 and Minolta MC-Rokkor -PF 55m f/1.7

The following Minolta MC Rokkor 55mm f/1.7 of 1969 ("mountain and valley" or MC - II) has a noticeably better open-aperture performance than the previous version (1966). It has 6 elements/5 groups. Manual focusing is silky smooth. The rather soft image appearance as well as its low price is a "secret" as a portrait lens on Fuji´s APS-C System cameras.

Although the lens is soft in the corners and showing loss of details when shot wide open, you can´t go wrong with a € 45,. lens. When stopping down 1-2 stops, this lens is impressive sharp. And Yes, it´s not Fuji´s 56mm 1.2 lens...

The X-E2 renders nice jpg´s, especially black and white. You need to add contrast in post though. Focus peaking makes manual focusing convenient.

All images shot with Fujifilm X-E2 and using OOC JPG´s. I only added contrast but did not sharpen in LR 4.4. or anything else.

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Takayama bamboo whisks

Around the middle of the Muromachi era, Sousetsu, the second son of Raiei, owner of the Takayama castle, asked his close friend Murata Juko, superior of temple Shomeidera, to produce a bamboo whisk. This is said to be the start of the Takayama whisks' production.

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Get Fujinon XF60mm to 1:1 magnification ratio

The Fujinon XF60mm macro lens has a magnification factor of 1:2. There are various other options like the pricey Zeiss 50mm macro, which is a true 1:1 autofocus lens or vintage manual lenses like Minolta 50mm or 100mm using a converter.

I just posted some few sample images here and don´t go into details, since you find a very good article at Lichtklicker. 

All images shot with the X-E2, Fujinon 60mm macro lens and Raynox DCR-250 using Velvia filmsimulation.

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Hong Kong 2014

I am travelling to Hong Kong once a year. This time I only took the Ricoh GR and a Fuji X-100s with me. "Getting close" is what I really like in a crowded city like Hong Kong. By the way, I can barely distinguish images taken with the Ricoh and the one captured with the Fuji. More and more I think, all these discussions on the internet about gear is useless in real life. Free yourself, enjoy shooting and don´t hunt for more lenses and bodies. Make good use of what you already have.

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