Fuji WCL-X100 and Ricoh GR

I received many emails about comparing my Ricoh GR with my Fuji X100 + WCL-X100 wide-angle converter mounted. The converter turns the 35mm Fuji lens equivalent to approximately 28mm, like Ricoh´s fixed lens. I was curious myself so I had the converter for 30 minutes and went out to take some snaps.

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Dingelsdorf at Lake Constance

Dingelsdorf is located about 11 km away from the historic town of Konstanz. The thousand year old fishing and farming village is situated on the southern shore of Lake Überlingen. Dingelsdorf is a small and very cozy holiday resort, which is suitable especially for families and those seeking relaxation. Dingelsdorf is a good starting point for your activities when exploring Lake Constance.

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X100 and X100T exposure

Nothing spectacular, just took a few quick snapshots to see the difference in jpg rendering, when using the same exposure. Provia, all settings default.

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