Shudei teapot

Fujifilm X-E2, XF-60mm Macro and one Canon Flash in manual mode. Velvia film simulation.

I received this shudei (red clay) teapot from Fugetsu as a present a couple of days ago. The sujibiki technique accents the horizontal lines, making the teapot appear fresh off the potter's wheel. This piece of art is impressive because of its simplicity. It seems not to attract any attention to the viewer. But if you hold it, it feels light and the surface velvety.

Fuji X-100 and Ricoh GR

After using the Ricoh GR and Fujifilm X-100 intensenly, I would like to share some thoughts and experience here. Please note, that this is not a review or comparison. It´s based on daily use, not on technical specifications.

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A cup of japanese green tea

Sencha is a favorite beverage in Japan. In the morning or afternoon, it revitalize your mind and refresh your spirit."Ochaya Premium Tea" offers devoted sencha tea lovers a superlative tea at an attractive price, with its characteristic elegant fragrance and fresh, sweet aftertaste.

A harmonious blend of sweetness, astringency and fragrance – this is sencha.