Green Sujibiki Yohen by Hakusan

I received this wonderful teapot by Hakusan Katayama III. last month. The purpose of Hakusan´s donation been my works for the new "Handcrafted Japanese Teapots" - Calender 2014. He uses the "horizontal lines" technique and "changed kiln". Thanks to Takeyoshi Kojima for making this possible.

Hakusan studied pottery art under his father, Tadayoshi Katayama. He is a member of Japan Sencha Crafts Association and Tokoname Hand-made Teapot Assocociation. Hakusan is mostly using the mogake style and by changing the temperature, his teapots have wonderful, warm tones and muted green colors.

Ricoh GR

The Ricoh GR has an impressive lineage, starting from the film Ricoh GR1 introduced in 1996. The camera set the tone and direction for the GR series, focusing on delivering the best image quality with a fast 28mm prime lens in a compact chassis.

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Ito Gofu

Yohen mogake teapot by Gafu

As a student of Tokoname´s Master Fugetsu, Ito Gofu most definitely will become one of the finest next generation craftsman.

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